Posting commentary to our Seminar online

We would love to have you join the conversation on Tuesday, ongoing, from 1 PM to 7 PM—but if you cannot make it, please do view the materials on the HPFI website in the Food Seminar section and post remarks and questions here for the Commons group.

The project will be ongoing for three years starting this Fall, and while the broad title “France and the Francophone Worlds”  may promise more than can be delivered at every event, we do have events and documents planned that will speak to regions and cultures generally considered “Francophone” (as much as the term can be, and is, questioned): in particular, we expect to have materials pertaining to the Caribbean  posted soon.

You joined this group no doubt with interests of your own in this vast area–please let us know about topics and themes you would like to see covered in our talks, online forums, digital exhibits and other events. Please view the seminar and its contents on the HPFI website :



Dear Food/Foodstuffs group

The Henri Peyre French Institute at The Graduate Center of CUNY would like to inform you of its new online series around Food matters in France and the Francophone worlds, and invite your participation.

The first forum concerns food discourses and practices in 19th-century France, and will be followed by others on topics related to our semester themes, including materials and discussions concerning the Early Modern period. Our theme this semester is “Salt.”

Are you interested in the ways foods and cuisine impact culture in France and in the Francophone world, in the distant past and in the present?